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Directions to the Cognition & Development Lab:

Photo: Mike Morgan

Cognition & Development Lab

University of Maryland
Benjamin Building, Room 3311
3942 Campus Dr.
College Park, MD 20742

Lab Parking Spot:

Knight Hall
7765 Alumni Dr.
College Park, MD 20742









PLEASE NOTE: due to ongoing campus construction, our parking spot has been temporarily relocated.


From I-95 South or I-495:
1. Exit at Route 1, College Park.
2. Drive approximately 1 mile south on Route 1 and exit to the right at University Blvd (193 West).
3. After the second light, move into the left lane.
4. Turn left at the third light (Adelphi Rd.) and remain in left turn lane.
5. At the next light, turn left onto Campus Drive.
6. Drive straight and enter the traffic circle.
7. Take the 3rd exit off the circle onto Alumni Drive.
8. Turn left into the last parking space before reaching Union Drive. This space has a sign which reads: “Notice: Cognition and Development Lab.”
9. Someone will be down to meet you. The UMD parking police ticket very aggressively, and because of this it is important that you please wait by your car.


Alternate Directions from downtown Silver Spring/Takoma Park:
1. Take University Blvd (193 East) toward College Park.
2. As you approach Adelphi Rd, the road forks. Take the fork on the right for Campus Drive.
3. Cross the Adelphi Rd. intersection and you will find yourself on Campus Drive.
4. Follow steps 6-9 above to find the parking spot.