Can children tell who is a good question-asker?

For children ages: 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds


Study Description


Children are active explorers. They use all of their senses in order to learn about the world around them. They also, from early in development, use the people around them as sources of information, which they access most often by asking questions. Previous research has shown that young kids aren’t very good at asking good quality (meaning efficient, strategic) questions, but they do seem to be able to identify when other people ask good questions. This study seeks to replicate that finding, and take it a step further by exploring what other kinds of attributes kids might think good question askers have, like being generally more reliable, knowledgeable, or competent.


What Your Child Will Do


Your child will watch a series of brief videos of two puppet characters playing a question game and make decisions about which character they think did a better job in this game. Afterwards, we’ll ask your child some questions about which character they think would give them more reliable information, make better teachers, and do a better job helping them solve a new problem.

For some of the questions, your child will use a mouse to click their answer on the screen; for others, your child will be asked to say their answer out loud (for the purposes of capturing these responses, we will be collecting webcam footage– this footage will be kept entirely confidential and will be stored on a secure server).


To Participate

To participate in this study, please click the link here!


PLEASE NOTE: to participate, you will need to access that link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.



Thanks, and we hope you have fun!

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