Can children evaluate who has the right kind of evidence to make claims?

For children ages: 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-year-olds


Study Description


Children come to learn much of what they know about the world by getting information from other people. But in being so reliant on others for this information, children are open to the risk that they will learn inaccurate, misleading, or unreliable information. Previous research has demonstrated that, even though children face this risk, they are not blindly gullible, and have some early-developing abilities to be critical of the information they receive from others. One of the most critical observations children can make when deciding who to trust is of how other people come by their own information. By evaluating how other people gather information– what we call evidentiary practice— children can make decisions about whether that information is likely true.

This study seeks to explore children’s sensitivity to other people’s evidentiary practices. Most critically, it seeks to answer the question of whether children understand what kind of evidence other people should gather in support of the claims that they seek to make.


What Your Child Will Do


Your child will watch a series of brief videos of two puppet characters playing with a set of four toys, which can be activated by different types of blocks. After each video, your child will be asked to select which of the two characters they believe did a better job determining how the toy works, depending on what the character wanted to test. This study is quick– it should take no more than 15-20 minutes!

For some of the questions, your child will use a mouse to click their answer on the screen; for others, your child will be asked to say their answer out loud (for the purposes of capturing these responses, we will be collecting webcam footage– this footage will be kept entirely confidential and will be stored on a secure server).


To Participate

To participate in this study, please click the link here!


PLEASE NOTE: to participate, you will need to access that link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.



Thanks, and we hope you have fun!


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